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40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle

1.Eye shadow is a kind of makeup applied on the eyelids .It corners of the eyes to produce shadows and color contrast, show three-dimensional beauty, strengthen the eyes, and make the eyes look beautiful and moving.                    
2.How to use it: First, prime the lid with the Eyeshadow Base.Eyeshadow Palette: This professional level makeup palette features 40 color pigmented shadows that glide onto lids and make eyes pop with color; our professional makeup eyeshadow primer for bolder, longer lasting color all the day .
3.Ultimate Eye Shadow: Each high quality eyeshadow palette features a highly pigmented mix of finishes from matte and satin to shimmery and metallic; perfect for your skin tone. 
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  • 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle
  • 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle
  • 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle
40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle

Product Description

Product Name : 40 color classic waterproof eyeshadow
Factory Audit Reports:  GMPC (ISO22716), BSCI, SEDEX
Contents:  40 matte eyeshadow 
Our Advantage: 
1.Comfortable to your eyes.
2.Long Lasting,Waterproof, not sticky,not dry.
3.More color to choose and produce;  also customized your colors.
4.Pure and fresh,no harmful.
5.Against animal testing,vegan.
6.We can make the examples for you!

Helping you along all the way

We can provide customers with quality assurance documents such as MSDS, COA, batch inspection report, package material description, product stability report, etc. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

About Mgirl Cosmetic

Jinhua Mgirl Cosmetic Co., Ltd. is China 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle suppliers and OEM/ODM 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle distributors, established in 2021 and is located in Jindong Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City. We have a top professional team, everyone is the most passionate and experienced, and they all have worked in this industry for more than 12 years. Our factory has 4600 square meters. Our main markets are Europe, North America, South America and Australia. Our manufacturer has advanced equipment and domestic leading production process and technology. We have a professional R&D center with well-regulated management and strong R&D strength.

Our factory has passed GMPC certification, and built a sterile workshop in accordance with GMP standards, reaching a 300,000-level purification level. Our factory has a microbiological laboratory and a physical and chemical laboratory, with advanced inspection and production equipment. There are 10 production lines and more than 100 workers. Our factories have all important audits including GMP, ISO 22716, BSCI, SMETA, DISNEY, WCA etc.

Jinhuamei Mgirl Cosmetic Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of cosmetic products. The main products of our factory include eye shadow, powder cake, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, nail polish, mascara, liquid eyeliner, makeup set, cosmetic box, etc. The tenet of our company is "Quality, Customers, Reputation, Development". We will provide the best service and the highest quality products and become the most professional custom 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle manufacturer.

More information about 40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palettle

What is the distinguishing feature of the "40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palette" compared to other eyeshadow palettes on the market?

The distinguishing feature of the "40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palette" compared to other eyeshadow palettes on the market is its extensive range of 40 different eyeshadow shades. This palette is known for offering a classic and versatile color selection that caters to a wide range of makeup looks. It stands out because it provides a comprehensive color spectrum in a single palette, making it a go-to choice for makeup enthusiasts who want a variety of options at their fingertips. Whether you're aiming for natural day looks or bold and dramatic evening styles, the "40 Color Classic Eyeshadow Palette" offers a wide array of colors to choose from, setting it apart from many other palettes with more limited color options.

How does the "40 Color Eyeshadow Palette Set" differ from individual eyeshadow palettes, and what are its unique benefits?

The "40 Color Eyeshadow Palette Set" differs from individual eyeshadow palettes in several ways, and it offers a range of unique benefits:

1. Diversity of Colors: One of the primary differences is the diversity of colors. The set includes multiple eyeshadow palettes, each containing 40 unique shades. This extensive range of colors allows makeup artists and enthusiasts to experiment with a wide spectrum of hues, from neutrals to bold and vibrant shades.

2. Variety of Finishes: These palette sets often include a mix of matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes. This variety in finishes enables users to create diverse eye makeup looks, from matte smoky eyes to shimmering, glamorous styles.

3. Cost-Efficiency: Purchasing the "40 Color Eyeshadow Palette Set" is typically more cost-effective than buying each eyeshadow palette individually. This cost-efficiency makes it an attractive option for those looking to expand their eyeshadow collection without breaking the bank.

4. Convenience: Having multiple palettes in one set is convenient. It eliminates the need to store and carry around several individual palettes, making it easier to access a wide range of colors in one place.

5. Versatility: The set's range of colors and finishes makes it versatile. Users can create various looks, from everyday natural makeup to bold and artistic styles, all with a single purchase.

6. Mix-and-Match: Users can mix and match colors from different palettes within the set, allowing for endless creative possibilities. This mix-and-match capability fosters experimentation and innovation in makeup artistry.

What tips can you offer for consumers to make the most of the extensive color range provided by the "40 Color Eye Shadow Palettes"?

Experiment with Color Combinations: With 40 different shades at your disposal, don't hesitate to experiment with various color combinations. Mix complementary colors for a harmonious look, or try contrasting shades for a bold and eye-catching effect. Experimentation is key to discovering your unique style.

Day-to-Night Transition: These palettes often include a mix of neutral and vibrant colors. Use this versatility to your advantage by transitioning your look from a subtle daytime appearance to a more dramatic evening style. Start with lighter shades during the day and gradually build up with darker colors for a nighttime transformation.

Eyeliner Application: Some of the deeper and more saturated shades in the palette can double as eyeliners. Use an angled eyeliner brush and a small amount of eyeshadow to create a smudged or defined eyeliner look. This technique adds depth to your eye makeup and allows for creative liner styles.

Highlight and Contour: Lighter shimmer shades in the palette can be used to highlight specific areas of your eyes, such as the inner corners and the brow bone. Conversely, darker matte shades are excellent for contouring the crease of your eyelids. This contouring technique adds dimension to your eye makeup.

Wet Application: For a more intensified and foiled eyeshadow effect, you can use some eyeshadow shades with a wet brush. Dampen your eyeshadow brush slightly with water or a makeup setting spray, then pick up the eyeshadow and apply it to your lids. This method enhances the pigmentation and shimmer of the eyeshadow.

Create Gradient Blends: Blend different shades seamlessly to create gradient eyeshadow looks. Start with a lighter shade near the inner corner of your eyes and gradually transition to deeper shades as you move outward. This technique creates a beautiful gradient effect.